Get onboard one of the fastest, most informative routes to the CD market

Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. has developed an industry-leading resource to provide our clients with access to liquidity channels, along with the market knowledge and tools needed to make informed deposit decisions.

Our tool simplifies the process of issuing certificates of deposit, allowing you to enter the market quickly and efficiently. Learn how this intelligent technology can put you in the driver’s seat.

Our Online Route to the CD Market Includes:


  • Rates and Offers

    As a leading provider of deposits to financial institutions, MBS actively looks to grow its internal funds under management and expand its selling group to be able to provide you with a dependable and consistent source of liquidity to fund your deposit needs. Our online platform was specifically developed to offer financial institutions greater transparency of the wholesale CD (DTC) market. Issuing institutions are able to easily view aggregated market information, evaluate trends, and save time when entering the market or managing outstanding positions.

    As an industry leader, we are the first to offer a quantifiable view of the brokered CD market. In an effort to bring you back into the decision-making process, our site gives you the ability to post competitive issues at your prescribed rates and terms. With today's competitive landscape, our in-house pool of liquidity makes our desk one of the largest syndicates in the industry.

    Using the multiple technologies available to us, we actively aggregate indications of interest from a wide variety of deposit sources. As a result, we are able to offer CDs through pre-orders. By using this funding platform, the system filters pre-orders against your profile and the investor’s requirements to show you only those guaranteed settlements for which you qualify.

  • eTerms Agreement

    Our funding platform utilizes secured eSignature technologies that enable you to generate an eTerms Agreement online. This advancement allows you to place your orders online, define your rate and term, and enter the market faster, more efficiently and in front of a growing group of investors who are relying on new technologies to purchase fixed-income products.

    Benefits include:

    • Self-directed rates and terms.
    • Direct and timely postings to our electronic trading platforms and to national CD investors.
    • Eliminating the need to print, sign and fax back Terms Agreements. Just point, click and you are finished.
    • The ability to post and eSign new Terms Agreements anywhere you have access to a computer.
    • The archival of executed documents for both internal and external auditors.


  • Current Issues in the Market

    Detailed information about today’s CD market is available to you through our Current Issues in the Market section:

    CDs Issued Today

      • Live-streaming data of newly-issued CDs.

    Available Inventory

      • Readily available inventory is shown to determine positioning in the market.

    Market Composite

      • A quantifiable view of the DTC market that is regularly updated and provides the tools needed for market evaluation. This feature also offers CD rates relative to competing offerings and market trends.

    Historical Market Rates

      • Access to historical CD rates to evaluate pricing trends in the brokered CD market.


  • Issue History and Alerts

    The MBS funding platform allows you to access a consolidated view of all your DTC-eligible CD issues. It also lets you set alerts to notify you of maturities, step dates and call dates on outstanding CDs. In addition, for those CDs offered by MBS, related issuing documents (i.e. Terms Agreements  and Master Certificates) are archived on the site for future reference.

  • Maturity Distribution

    Account history is displayed to show a visual illustration of your maturities. This effective tool allows you to analyze your maturity distribution and manage interest rate risk to avoid a high concentration in any one particular maturity tranche.

  • Funding Account Profile

    Your profile page is designed to provide a snapshot of the financial and rating information used to pre-qualify your institution for available private placements and pre-orders. In addition, it allows you to permit other bank employees access to the funding platform so loan officers, board members, ALCO participants and others can view current and available information (rates, offerings, due diligence, etc.). This is also where you have the option of setting up alerts to notify you of upcoming maturities, call dates and step dates.